• Pendule d’époque Empire en bronze ciselé et doré, présente un amour jouant du tambour.

    Cupid with a drum

    Empire period clock in ormolu

    Love is playing drum ; ” like a rural policeman wake up, love wake up hearts”

    Eight days duration, chime at hours and halves on a bell, silk suspension

    Dimensions : H 11 inch x W 8 inch


  • Bras oscillant - Pendule en bronze doré et ciselé.

    Oscillating clock

    Clock in ormolu

    Knife suspended pendulum with a skeleton bob, blue ring dial, signed Huguenin à Paris, containing the movement.

    Marble base on four little bronze feet.

    Empire period

    Dimensions : H 27 inch x W 6 inch 

  • Sofa

    Empire period clock in ormolu.
    A private scene : a mother is playing with her child.
    Wonderful decoration and a black marble base.
    Dial with roman numbers, chime at hours and halves, silk suspension.
    Dimensions : H 14,5 inch x L 13 inch 

  • Caniche - Adorable et rarissime pendulette d’époque Empire en bronze doré et patiné.


    Lovely small Empire clock ormolu and patinated bronze.

    Representing a poodle holding in its mouth a basket in which the dial is inscribed.

    Everything is on a rectangular base decorated with palmettes .

    Dimensions : H  5 inch X W 5,5 inch

  • Staff Sergeant

    Small Louis XVI period clock ormolu and patinated bronze.

    Base in white marble.
    Representing a staff sergeant

    Dimensions : H 9 inch X W 4 inch

  • Louis XV Cartel

    Cartel Louis XV to suspend, Gilt and chiseled bronze, with the “C” crowned . Signed “Jean Baptiste Dutertre in Paris” , case of Saint Germain.
    Dimensions : H 25,5 inch X W 14 inch

  • Cartel Louis XVI period

    Small gilt bronze Cartel.

    Louis XVI period.

    Beautiful decorative work, including the lion ‘s muzzle .

    Eight days duration, chime at hours and halves on demand, silk suspension

    Signed dial “Lepaute watchmaker to the King“. Spring movement engraved ” Richard 1778 “, spring ring “Mauduit 1788”, and bell “Lahay”.

    Dimensions: H 13 inch X W 6,5 inch

  • Louis XV cartel

    Gilt and chiseled bronze cartel
    Louis XV period.

    Movement autonomy of eight days chiming hours and halves on a bell, silk suspension.
    White enamel dial signed “Ageron”, bronze maker is Saint Germain.
    Dimension : H 18 inch X W 13 inch

  • Baltazar

    Gilt and chiseled bronze cartel.
    Louis XV period.

    Ornementale foliage and grenades, and musical attributes.
    Movement autonomy of eight days chiming hours and halves on a bell, silk suspension.
    White enamel dial signed “Charles Baltazar in Paris”

    Dimension : H 12,5 inch X W 8 inch