• Pendule d’époque Empire en bronze ciselé et doré, présente un amour jouant du tambour.

    Cupid with a drum

    Empire period clock in ormolu

    Love is playing drum ; ” like a rural policeman wake up, love wake up hearts”

    Eight days duration, chime at hours and halves on a bell, silk suspension

    Dimensions : H 11 inch x W 8 inch


  • Bras oscillant - Pendule en bronze doré et ciselé.

    Oscillating clock

    Clock in ormolu

    Knife suspended pendulum with a skeleton bob, blue ring dial, signed Huguenin à Paris, containing the movement.

    Marble base on four little bronze feet.

    Empire period

    Dimensions : H 27 inch x W 6 inch 

  • Sofa

    Empire period clock in ormolu.
    A private scene : a mother is playing with her child.
    Wonderful decoration and a black marble base.
    Dial with roman numbers, chime at hours and halves, silk suspension.
    Dimensions : H 14,5 inch x L 13 inch 

  • Desk clock Louis XV period

    Louis XV period clock in ormolu.

    Clock with two doves in clouds, flowers and leaves. bagpipe and salt worker instruments.

    Enamel dial with gold lily flowers signed Jean Baptiste Baillon also on back plate.

    Chime at every quaters and hours on a bell, silk suspension.

    Dimensions : H 18 x L 11 

  • Mini docker

    Small clock in ormolu, Empire period

    An african man standing a cotton bundle. Inside tne movement.

    Dimensions : H 7,5 x L 6 inch

  • Little sailor

    Small clock in ormolu, Empire period

    An african sailor standing on a cotton bundle, inside the movement with a calendar.

    Dimensions : H 7,5 x L 7 inch

  • sleep seller

    Epire period clock in ormolu.

    Cupid, with quiver and arrow on base, keep the night on shoulders.

    Enamel dial signed Ledure bronzier et Hémon horloger.

    Eight days duration, chime and hours and halves, silk suspension.

    Dimensions : H 14,5 x L 8,5 inch